Time is life. 

A wearable, medical-grade wireless device to monitor vital parameters, where and when it matters. 

A wearable, medical-grade wireless device to monitor vital signs, where and when it matters. 

The Need

Failure to Rescue (FTR) is an inadequate or delayed response to clinical deterioration in hospitalized patients, which results in serious adverse events or death. Vital sign trends over time can provide early warning signs and identify deteriorating patients. Today, however, nurses perform manual spot checks every 4-8 hours using cumbersome bedside monitors that don’t allow continuous monitoring or patient mobility. Approximately 80% of patients on general floors are unattended between nursing rounds, with no regular monitoring to detect signs of clinical instability. 


Accurate, reliable, and continuous vital signs monitoring is needed to promote timely intervention that can reduce adverse events and save lives. Because when a patient is deteriorating, time means everything. 

Time is brain. Time is heart. Time is life for the deteriorating patient.


The BiPS Solution

BiPS Medical is developing a wearable, wireless sensor system that conveniently and quickly records physiological information and transmits it to electronic medical records (EMRs), to rapid response systems, or to  family doctors. The BiPS device monitors important vital sign trends over time – blood pressure (diastolic & systolic), heart and respiration rates, and blood oxygen level -- to aid in identifying clinical deterioration.    

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The comfortable wearable design allows full patient mobility throughout the hospitalization period and is well suited to hospital ward patients with different levels of severity. The direct blood pressure measurement using an inflatable mini finger cuff and an array of photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensors allows accurate results, which remain robust in heterogeneous patient population with various hemodynamic profiles. The sensor system may be programmed to record and transmit data on demand (from continuous to intermittent, according to the individual patient needs) to tailor the suitable treatment for patients in different conditions.   

Accurate & Robust

Direct blood pressure measurement using an array of PPG sensors allows medical grade results in heterogeneous patient population 

Wearable & Flexible

Allows full patient mobility with a comfortable, wearable design. Allows on-demand, intermittent or continuous monitoring based on patient needs 


Can promote timely clinical intervention through automatic transmission of results to patient EMRs or rapid response systems

The BiPS wearable monitor is under development and not available for sale

Use Cases

Since it’s fully wearable, does not interfere with patient activity, and is combined with full flexibility -- on-demand, intermittent or continuous monitoring -- the BiPS vital signs monitor suits both hospital and home care settings. 

Hospital Monitoring of Acute Patients

Hospitalized patients who are at risk of deteriorating and may benefit from continuous monitoring include postoperative patients, patients with conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, patients with a history of cardiac or kidney failure, patients who have developed fever or pneumonia during hospitalization and more.

Home Monitoring of Chronic Patients

BiPS monitor will be able to provide 24/7 vital signs monitoring without limiting mobility or daily routine, in order to allow full profiling of chronic patients (for example patients with hypertension or COPD). Continuous home monitoring can track hourly blood pressure variations and identify changes in vitals trends in response to treatment to enable tailoring the right personalized treatment for every patient. 



Tomer Zaidenberg , CTO

Biomedical engineer with deep domain expertise in digital signal processing. Research experience in sensory-motor integration of kinesthetic and tactile information, including design and implementation of 3D models, programming virtual reality environments integrated with robotic devices, and end-to-end execution of human subject experiments. 

Dr. Gil Zoizner, Co-Founder, Medical Director

Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellow, NYU School of Medicine. Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery Specialist, Kaplan Medical Center, Israel. ENT physician, pediatric otolaryngology, Maccabi HMO. Researcher, Laboratory for Gait Disturbances, Tel Aviv University. Recipient of multiple awards, including Outstanding Intern Award and Excellent MD Thesis Award.
MD, BSc, electronics engineering, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Jonathan Rubin, Co-Founder, Director of Data Science

Data scientist and faculty member, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel. Expert in advanced analog and digital signal processing, data mining, machine learning and information theory. Vast research experience in areas of reinforcement learning of motor control, non-linearity of neuronal responses, and processing of human vital signs. PhD, computational neuroscience, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; BSc, physics and biology, Tel Aviv University.

Board of Directors

Steve Rhodes 

Chairman & CEO

The Trendlines Group

Dr. Nimrod Adi

Co-Founder & Director, Intensive Care Department, Sourasky Medical Center, Israel

Barak Singer
VP Business Development

 Trendlines Medical

Eyal Aviram

VP Marketing and BD

MOR Research Applications


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